Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Haribo Pandas

Seriously, how could I not pick up these little guys?  Too cute!
I admit I have never quite grown out of my Haribo addiction and have no intention in doing so either. 
I was drawn to these upon a recent trip to the supermarket and quickly opened them when I got home.  The gummy panda head is vanilla flavoured and the body is blueberry.  It's the perfect combo in my mind; the sweet and the sour balance each other out very well.  Whilst they might be too sweet for some I found them incredibly moreish, in fact I rather liked to eat the head and body separately, I love the vanilla flavouring and rather enjoyed the tang of the squishy body!
I'm sure they would be even more appealing to children, and I'm even more certain I'll be picking up some more of these adorable sweets when I next see them.
I found this pack in our local Asda for the bargain price of £1.


  1. Haha I dont intend on growing up and not eating Haribo again either!

    I tried these sweets recently and really enjoyed them, I like the subtle vanilla flavour they have. Have you tried the new Haribo fizzy bubblegum splats? I reviewed them recently here:


    1. Oh, they are to die for! Haribo are certainly up there as my go to snack of choice.

      Oh no, I haven't, interesting... I'll keep an eye out, thanks for the tip!

      Thanks for commenting :)