Hi everyone

My name is Jules (or JuJu) and for as long as I can remember I have loved shopping and trying new things.  When I was younger shopping was more about clothes and little trinkets, it still is to a degree, but nowadays supermarkets give me just as much joy, given my love of food.

Anyway, I have had a slight obsession with review sights for some time now and often get new ideas from the wonderful contributors of the internet who help to make cyberspace such an interesting place.  I have the utmost respect for those that go out of their way to post a review online and have often taken the opinion of strangers into account when I have a purchase in mind.  Whether it's hotels, restaurants, toiletries or electrical products, I'll do my research first.  Even if I don't really need to buy anything, I'll happily trawl away the hour scouring various blogs, often picking up new ideas on how to spend my money. I'm not saying it's a healthy or cost effective way to spend my time but it makes me happy!

So, saying that, I decided that a review site would be the perfect first foray into the world of blogging...

I hope you enjoy!

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