Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nivea Lip Butter – Raspberry Rose

Now, I should probably admit to being somewhat of a lip balm/butter/salve addict.  I cannot get enough of them.  So when I found out Nivea was bringing out not one but two of my favourite scents in one single pot, I rushed down to my local pharmacy to check it out.  The moment I tore off the lid I wasn’t disappointed, the smell was just divine.  Straight away it reminded me of something from my childhood and a little while later, it hit me - Jammie Dodgers!  The aroma is exactly like the jam from Jammie Dodgers (the little shortbread biscuit with the heart in the middle filled with raspberry jam - most children's go-to biscuit here in the UK, at least back in my day anyway).  No wonder I fell in love immediately.
Whilst the smell is incredible, I have to be honest, the actual butter isn’t totally up my street; it’s a little bit too waxy for me and leaves an unusual, pale film on your lips. This can be seen as a pro or con depending on your frame of mind.  The butter itself does feel pretty hydrating though, containing both shea butter and almond oil. The tin is really cute and a great size to fit in your handbag or pocket.

Nivea also offer Original, Caramel Cream, and Vanilla and Macadamia in the same range.  Personally the latter two smelt a little bit too sickly for me but, then again, I am more of a fruity fiend! If you like sweet things you'll love those.

All in all I’d recommend trying this for the smell alone and maybe using it as a lip balm before bed if you’re not too keen on the milky film. They’re not too pricey either; my pot cost around £2 which is around the same price as a tin of Vaseline.
You can check out the full range here http://www.nivea.co.uk/products/lip-care/lip-butters

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