Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Discos - KP Snacks

I may have devoured the prawn cocktail ones before photographing...

Ah, Discos.  Retro.  If ever a crisp reminded me of my childhood, this was it!  They've recently made an appearance at one of my favourite bargain stores, Home Bargains.  I have it on good authority that they're also available in other 'pound' shops.  Umm, the trusty salt and vinegar, cheese and onion and my oh my, prawn cocktail…
Crisps are my vice.  I say vice singular, that implies I only have one.  I don’t.  I have many, including  cakes, chocolates, bread, pizza…but crisps?  Well, I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t eat them for some reason.  I can’t get enough of them.  I eat at least a bag a day and can easily consume a 150 gram bag in one sitting.  We do crisps so well in this part of the world, nowhere else compares in my humble opinion and I’ve tried a lot.  When I was travelling around Europe plain salted crisps were prevalent, as was paprika, and I really missed the vast array of flavours we have to offer in  this country.
Anyway, Discos contain no MSG, no artificial colours or flavours and contain less than 150 calories per 28 gram packet, so they could be worse.  The packaging’s changed a bit, I miss the old packets with the big disco glitter ball on the front, but maybe that’s just me being overly nostalgic?
The crisps haven’t really changed; they’re still perfectly round, strong flavoured with just enough crunch.  I really enjoyed every single flavour in my multipack.  The cheese and onion were full of flavour and the salt and vinegar and prawn cocktail both had that tang, that sharpness that I personally can’t get enough of.  I love any crisp that offers that simultaneous burst of heat and flavour and they certainly had that.  In fact I think that back in the day that was the point, I seem to recall some sort of focus on the hard hitting flavour?  Actually KP still describe them as having 'more bite' on the pack.
A fabulous selection.
My favourite was the prawn cocktail (that kick - wow), then the salt and vinegar and finally the cheese and onion but all three flavours were great in my opinion.  This is a relief as so often is the case with multipacks you’re left with one flavour at the end that no one in the household particularly likes.
Didn’t Discos used to do pickled onion, beef and bacon flavours too?  What are your favourites?
This pack came from Home Bargains for the incredible price of 99p for 6 packs (plus 2 free)


  1. I haven't had Discos in years but I also seem to remember them doing a beef flavour. Such a shame they've changed the packaging, although I guess disco balls aren't seen as "cool" nowadays!